Podcast: Provider Owned ISNPs and the Pandemic from American Health Plans

Corporate Office - Franklin, TN:       February 22, 2021

Many nursing home owners and operators have asked us about the impact of the pandemic on ISNP Medicare Advantage plans. Our Chief Development Officer Hank Watson recently had an opportunity to discuss this on the ReThink Podcast hosted by Alex Spanko, the editor of Skilled Nursing News.

During the conversation, he explained why nursing home leaders still see concrete “clinical and financial benefits” by serving as both operator and insurer, despite many challenges brought on by COVID-19. Here are some key discussion points from the podcast:

4:30 - ISNP and the Pandemic:
"Despite those challenges of 2020, and continuing in 2021, … the I-SNP model certainly held. We were able to manage our hospitalization rates at around 3.5%. We were able to pay shared savings across our book of business at about a 25% clip over top of capitation.”

14:55 - Capital and the ISNP:
"We’ve got partners in for less than $500,000 that are still realizing the three goals of the I-SNP — the model of care, capitated cash flow, and shared savings."

19:00 - Clinical Execution:
"The whole idea here is to strip away the challenges of a fee-for-service environment,… that requires 16, 17 [NP] visits a day to a model that is intensely focused on the needs of the resident-member in the model of care."

To hear the entire conversation, click to listen to the podcast:

Excerpts from the interview are posted on the ReThink Podcast